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US Soccer Gold Cup Champions

US Soccer Gold Cup Champions

On this last Wednesday night, the US men’s national soccer team entered into the Gold Cup Finals undefeated. After a long game of high intensity, they remained undefeated and are now Gold Cup Champions. This victory marks the US’s 6th all time confederation championship. This is a huge accomplishment by the US who started this cup off poorly. The game was scoreless until Jozy Altidore had an amazing free kick right before half which gave US the lead. Jamaica didn’t allow the US to keep the lead long and a corner kick to Je-Vaugh Watson secured a goal for Jamaica. With both teams tied and time running out this game was a nail biter. The game was very back and forth and each team was setting up chances to win. After 40 minutes of pressure, US player Jordan Morris buried one in the goal in the 88th minute of the game. This was by far the biggest moment in the game and US fans everywhere are celebrating over this crucial win. US head coach Bruce Arena has now set up a positive momentum to set up the US Men’s national team going into the crucial World Cup qualifying in September of this year.
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