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Top 10 Tight Ends of the 2000's

Top 10 Tight Ends of the 2000's

It’s time to rank another set of position players, this time, it’s the tight ends. We have ranked 1-10 and are sure that it could cause it’s fair share of debates. Don’t forget, Ultimate Autogarphs is so much more than just blogs. We have NFL Mystery Boxes, other sports Mystery Boxes as well as plenty of live break items.

10. Heath Miller

Drafted in 2005, there are players that have more receiving yards, but when you factor in the total package, which includes blocking, Heath Miller absolutely deserves to be considered top 10. He lead the way for guys like Willie Parker, Rashard Mendenhall, Leveon Bell and more while also putting up multiple 60+ catch seasons. 

9. Vernon Davis

The hype on Vernon Davis when he was coming out of college was wild. Although he never quite lived up to that hype, he still had a fantastic career. He finished just outside of the top 10 in receiving yards all-time for tight ends and finished 6th in receiving touchdowns. Oh yeah, and he is absolutely jacked!

8. Greg Olsen
The Miami product started his career in Chicago, but when he moved to Carolina, things really took off. Olsen and Cam Newton had a legitimate connection and Olsen posted 3 straight 1,000 yard seasons between 2014 and 2016. 

7. Jimmy Graham

The former basketball player turned tight end took off in his 2nd season with New Orleans. Posting 99 receptions and 1,300 yards to go along with his 11 touchdowns. He would go on to have 4 seasons of 10+ touchdowns in his 12-year career.

6. Shannon Sharpe

The former Broncos tight end was a late round selection, but he certainly made something special of himself. When he retired, he was the all-time leader at the position for receiving yards and touchdowns. He currently ranks 4th and 6th respectively.

5. Jason Witten

Another player with a long career, Witten spent most of his time in Dallas but also took a quick jog over to Oakland to play with the Raiders. Mr. Reliable finished his career with over 13,000  yards 74 touchdowns and is 2nd all-time in total receptions. 

4. Antonio Gates

The former undrafted basketball player from Kent State sure is glad he ended up going the football route. He finished his career with nearly 12,000 yards and holds the record for touchdowns by a tight end at 116.

3. Travis Kelce

The run that Travis Kelce has been on is truly insane. He ad 2 seasons over 800 yards and then put up over 1,000 for the following 6 seasons. He also has 2 seasons with over 100 receptions and double-digit touchdowns. He is also the only guy on this list that has a clear path to multiple more monster seasons. He could be the GOAT when all is said and done.

2. Tony Gonzalez

It’s difficult to not put Gonzalez in the top spot. His numbers are wild and he played forever. That said, the lack of blocking and our number 1 player's performance in the playoffs put him over the top. 

1. Rob Gronkowski

“Gronk” is the GOAT. He could block, catch and make plays in the open field. He was Tom Brady’s favorite target for a decade and when healthy was a top 5 playmaker regardless of position.
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