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Guidelines, Rules & FAQs

Basics of Breaking at UA: 

Head to the Live Breaks Page, look for a series that suits your interests and click “Add to Cart” to purchase a Live Break spot.

Once you have completed your checkout, tune into the next available Live Breaks broadcast on Facebook, Twitch, or Youtube at noon, 3 pm  or 6 pm CT any day of the week! 

As you watch, you will see your name appear on the screen when your specific break begins. If the item that is pulled from the Mystery Box matches your randomly assigned division, congratulations! You just won an incredible piece of signed memorabilia that will be shipped straight to your door!

Breaking details:

When you purchase a Live Break Spot there is no guarantee that you will receive an item. 

NFL Breaks

In NFL Themed Breaks (Most Popular) there will be 8 available “spots” to purchase. You can purchase 1 spot or up to all 8 if you wish. For each spot purchased your name will enter our randomizer. The order that the randomizer spits out will correspond to the 8 NFL Divisions.

To determine what division an item/player belongs to, we will use the most current division alignments.

College Football Breaks

These breaks will have 6 available “spots” to purchase. The 6 spots will be all of the Power 5 conferences and an “other” which will include independents and any schools not in the Power 5. You can purchase 1 spot or up to all 6 if you wish. For each spot purchased your name will enter the randomizer. The order that the randomizer spits out will correspond to the Power 5 NCAA schools and the other category.

To determine what conference an item/player belongs to, we will use the most current conference alignments. Ex. A signed Eric Crouch Nebraska Helmet would go to the person holding the Big 10 conference since Nebraska currently plays in the Big 10. The fact that when Crouch played for Nebraska they were a part of the Big 12 would carry no weight in this situation.

All other sports and Mixer Breaks 

These breaks will vary in terms of the total number of spots. They typically will be 4, 6, 8, or 10. In these breaks, they will still be randomized but how the spots will be placed will vary by the break. Please read these breaks carefully to understand how they will work.

To determine what division an item/player belongs to, we will use the most current division alignments.

Players playing for multiple teams 

When a player has played for multiple teams the item will default to the NFL, MLB or NBA logo and/or color scheme on the item. If there is no NFL, MLB or NBA logo on the item, then the tiebreaker would go to the inscription Ex. “1999 ROY” would mean the item would belong to whatever team the player won ROY on. If an inscription covers multiple teams Ex. "12 time all-star" then the item would go to the team he currently plays for. If retired, follow the retired/ FA rules. If there is no NFL logo or color scheme indicator as well as no inscription and the player is currently playing then it would go to the players current team. If the player is retired, then next tiebreaker would be the team that the player played for the longest, in terms of total regular season games played (not coached). If it's the same amount of regular season games played we will take the divisions of that player and do a top spot drawing for the winner.  In the case of slabbed cards, the logo/team name on the card also carries priority. If there is no logo on the card then the jersey would be the next indicator of who the card should belong to. If there is no jersey either then it would result in also being determined by most total games played by the player. It the player is a free agent, use the retired player rules.

Players signed by teams in the offseason

Players on an active roster will be considered as on the current team on our breaks when there isn't an identifiable NFL logo. All offseason moves or during the season trades will be hits of the current new team when pulled on footballs or college items where the NFL team logo is not identifiable. For example: Jameis Winston signed with the Browns in the 2024 offseason. He may not have played a game with the Browns, but if we pull a Winston Florida State helmet in an NFL break that will be an AFC North hit since he is currently on the Browns roster. 

Multi-Signed Item 

If the item is signed by more than 1 but fewer than 4 players then the item will become a top spot break between all of the divisions represented.

Ex. If an item has a helmet signed by 2 Dallas Cowboys a Minnesota Viking and  Cleveland Brown then there would be a top spot break where the NFC East would get 2 spots, the NFC North would get 1 spot and the AFC North would get 1 spot.

If the item has more than 4 signatures, then the entire break room will each get 1 spot and it will be randomized between the whole room unless all the signatures share a common team.

If an item has one signer, but multiple logos then the item will go to the team that the player has the longest regular season tenure with. 

Defunct and Moved Teams

If the indicator on the item or card belongs to a team that no longer exists then the item would follow whatever new team their records transferred to. Ex. The Houston Oiler Records are now a part of the Tennesse Titans organization after their move. However, despite the Colts previously being in Baltimore, all Colts records moved with the team to Indianapolis. So a Baltimore Colts hit would go to the Indianapolis Colts, not the Baltimore Ravens. 

Unfilled Breaks
If a break does not fill during a show then the break will move to the following show. No refunds will be issued in this situation. 

Box #’s

We encourage our customers to call out box numbers if they have purchased into the break that is currently being opened. Our host will ask the chat and type out for them to call out box numbers when their break is up. You cannot call out box numbers ahead of time before the host has asked you to. If no box number is called out in a timely manner then the host will pull up our wheel to randomize the available box numbers.

Once a box number is called out for a break customers cannot switch their box numbers. The first box or boxes called out (could be double box or other multiple box breaks) are final if the numbers are valid.

If no one calls out a number then we randomize for our numbers. Once the randomizer or wheel is up no one will have a chance to call out any numbers and whatever the wheel chooses is final. 

If a customer wants to choose the wheel they can. If someone types out wheel before we get numbers then that is considered the same as a box number. If it is a double or quad box and they want the wheel for all the boxes they must either type out the wheel twice, or four times etc. or write wheel x 2 or wheel x 4. Otherwise if there is only one "wheel" typed out in a double box break that counts as one box, and we still need a second number or "wheel" from our customers.

If we randomize the wheel and it lands on a box we don't have we go with the closet number available. Ex: Wheel lands on 10 and the closest valid number we have is 9 then we go with 9. If the wheel lands on a number that we don't have and two numbers are equidistant from each other we randomize those two numbers based on that evening's dice role. For example the wheel lands on 9 and we don't have it, but we have 8 and 10...we throw 8 and 10 into our randomizer to pick the box we do. 

If we are down to 10 boxes or less in a series the host reserves the right to use the physical randomizer instead of the wheel to pick the number or numbers for that break. 

Break Orders

We run the breaks in the order they fill. If a single, double, or quad box break of the same type break get closed out at the exact time, the break with more boxes gets first priority. 

Rules and Code of Conduct:
Please always be kind and courteous in the chat. Profanity and/or aggressive, malicious conduct will not be tolerated and could result in the removal of customers from the Ultimate Autographs Live Break Room.

Trading and Gifting
Trading and gifting items with other players is allowed in the UA Live Break Room, as long as it follows these guidelines:
1. The player is trading/gifting with someone playing in our room.
2. All the items involved in a trade/gifting must have been won in the same day or at the host's discretion. 
3. The total items involved in a deal does not exceed 6. 

Trades are only official if both parties come in the chat and agree and the host verbally acknowledges the trade. If the items are from separate shows and both parties and the host did not have the confirmation during the show, then the parties must make trades outside of our room when their items arrive. 

UA is not responsible for any trades involving items that have already been shipped from our warehouse. Trades that happen during a Live Break are accommodated, but we are not responsible or liable for any trades that happen between individuals outside of our Live Breakroom.


Will I receive an item every time I purchase a live break spot?
No, each live break is made up of many spots and you are not guaranteed to win an item.

Ex. In an 8 spot divisional break you have a 1 in 8 chance to win for each spot you purchase. If you get two spots you have a 2 in 8 chance to win etc.

If I do not win my break, can I get a refund?
Once a live break spot is purchased, there are no refunds.

Is there a way to make sure I get an item?
Yes, most of our series can be purchased as a full mystery box on our Mystery Box Page. You could also buy every spot in a break. 

Will every team and/or division be represented in each series?
While we strive to represent as many teams as possible, there is no guarantee that every team will be represented in each Mystery Box Series. Likewise, we also do not promise that each division will always have an item. However, we work hard to ensure that a large majority of the time, each division will have at least 1 item. 

Are all the items on the graphic in the series?
Yes, but they are not the only items. Every series is comprised, on average, with 25 to 40 items in total.

Can we trade divisions?
For ease of the show, we do not allow trading divisions.

What do I do if my item has some damage?
Please reach out to and we will help get the issue resolved.