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Signed Mini Football Helmets

Here at Ultimate Autographs, we have so many NFL collectibles. We have signed mini football helmets from all your favorite players and teams.

Football History

In 1939 it was the Brooklyn Dodgers vs the Philadelphia Eagles. Who scored? Who won? Who had the final goal? Who knows. That's not what was historical about this game.

This game is remembered for a different reason. The winners and losers of the game set no new record. They didn't set a touchdown record or anything of the sort.

What reason is that? So what is it known for?

The game is known for being the first game in the history of football to be televised.

At the time, about 500 hundred people had televisions in the New York area and were able to watch the game. As of now, nearly 16.5 million people watch a typical game of football. It’s safe to say, a lot has changed.

With nearly more TVs than people in the US, games are measured differently today.

With the internet and television, now it’s easier to watch and catch up on your favorite games. With such devoted fans following games, there’s a need for collectibles.

Ultimate Autographs meets those needs.

Signed Mini Football Helmets

We know exactly what you’re looking for because we are as big of fans as you. We have autographed mini football helmets from some of the best names in football.

Here are just some of the football collectibles we have to offer:

We know the avid NFL enthusiast wants 100% authentic NFL collectibles. That’s why, here at Ultimate Autographs, we guarantee all of our memorabilia (signed mini football helmets included) are genuine.

Each one of our collectibles come with a certificate of authenticity verified by a 3rd party for accuracy and assurance.

Check out our amazing collectibles today. We have a lot to offer for avid football fans!

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