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Signed Football Helmets

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Football helmets aren’t just good for keeping the head of your favorite player from getting injured, they also make great items especially if they’re signed football helmets.

At Ultimate Autographs, we have all of the football collectibles you'd ever want or need. We have signed football helmets.

From your favorite players to your favorite teams. We have just wanted you to need such as signed or autographed NFL helmets.

The Role of Football Helmets

The NFL may have been around for 100 or so years, but football helmets have only been required since 1943. Can you believe that? Only 70 some odd years it’s been required to wear a helmet when playing. Today, you can’t imagine seeing a football game begin without a helmet – the image of them have become a staple of the game.

In that time, football helmets have changed a lot, and their role in football has grown to more significance in recent years – and they have been embroiled in controversy, too.

The first helmets were made of moleskin. They were not too protective when it came to blunt trauma or most of the game. It’s safe to say the science and technology behind these marvels has come quite a long way.

Today, the NFL is trying to reduce medical concerns of concussions by issuing “smart helmets” and looking for new technology to help innovate and protect the football players we all love.

Signed Football Helmets from Ultimate Autographs

Here at Ultimate Autographs, we have signed football helmets from some of the best players. Each helmet is 100% authentic and is signed by the player.

The helmets that we have all come with a certificate of authenticity signed by a 3rd party company to verify the collectible is authentic.

We also have football mystery boxes and other football-related collectibles such as signed mini football helmets as well.