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Tuesday Tips: The Ultimate Mystery Box FAQ

Tuesday Tips: The Ultimate Mystery Box FAQ

We enjoy providing awesome and authentic autographed items to our fans but we also look for ways to help collectors make educated buying decisions in a world full of uncertainty. That's why on this edition of Tuesday Tips, we're answering some of the most common questions we receive regarding our Mystery Boxes.

 What is a Mystery Box?

A Mystery Box is a box (duh!) that contains an autographed memorabilia item. The concept of The Ultimate Mystery Box is to allow collectors the chance to snag high-level autographed items and a much more affordable price point. It also adds a little extra intrigue into the buying process. Similar to hoping the dice roll your way in Vegas, Mystery Boxes give that adrenaline rush of fans looking to hit the jackpot but still ensuring that every fan wins a great value.

Mystery Boxes are not only a great treat to yourself, but they also make the best gifts for your friends and family!

Why would I want to buy a Mystery Box?

This is by far one of the most common questions of Mystery Boxes. Why buy one when you could easily buy a product of your choice through our online outlet? While fans are certainly welcome to shop around Ultimate Autographs, you'll be hard-pressed to find a high-value item priced similar to the cost of a Mystery Box. As an example, an autographed Ezekiel Elliott helmet is in one of our recent Dallas Cowboys helmet boxes with the box price of $299.99. If you wanted to purchase the helmet by itself, it would retail for over $700! That's quite a bit of savings for the chance of getting a top tier player at such a fan-friendly price.

The other part of why you should buy a Mystery Box? Because it's the closest experience to opening that perfect gift combined with your favorite teams most memorable moment all in one! 

How do I know I'm getting something good in my Mystery Box? What players are in this series?

Two very common questions that we get regarding Mystery Boxes that can be answered in a similar manner. We are the ONLY (or at the least, one of the very few) Mystery Box provider that lists off EVERY PLAYER in each series! There is no smoke and mirrors with our boxes. You know right from the start who you have a chance at getting with each box purchase. Even some of the "worst players" in our series are still in their respective Hall of Fame.

When buying memorabilia, of any kind, there should ALWAYS be a certificate of authenticity included. Known as a COA, this makes sure to let you and everyone else know that your memorabilia item is 100% authentic. Every one of our Mystery Box items come with a COA from the most reputable certification companies that exist!

We believe transparency is a crucial component for retailers and customers. We want you to not only enjoy our Mystery Boxes but trust the Ultimate Autographs brand.

What does Original, Platinum, Special and Limited Edition mean?

Many of series fall into one of these categories that vary depending on what particular sport we're featuring. Here's a basic rundown on the differences between series that have multiple tiers -

Original Football Jersey vs. Platinum Football Jersey - The main difference between the two is that Platinum Football Jersey series featuring ONLY licensed autographed jerseys. Our Original Series Mystery Box feature a mix of licensed AND custom autographed jerseys. Our Platinum series tend to be smaller series while our Original series run in greater quantity since they are our most popular.

Original Football Helmet vs. Platinum Football Helmet - The main difference between the two is that Platinum Football Helmet series featuring ONLY authentic autographed full size helmets. Our Original Series Mystery Box feature a mix of authentic AND replica autographed full size helmets. Our Platinum series tend to be smaller series while our Original series run in greater quantity since they are our most popular.

Original Mini Helmet/Footballs/Hockey Pucks/Baseball - These boxes feature a mix of standard autographed items with some specialty items mixed in. Examples include Blaze mini helmets, Black baseballs, All Star pucks and more. At this time we currently only offer these at the Original tier.

Limited/Special Edition - These series are some of the most fun! We take creative concepts from our team (and fan suggestions!) and create Mystery Boxes that take a break from the status quo. These boxes can feature rare items that aren't normally featured in our standard Mystery Box lineup. These also tend to run out the quickest as they're smaller, time-sensitive series.

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