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Top 5: Free Agents with New Threads

Top 5: Free Agents with New Threads

While most of the impact players have signed their new contracts in free agency, there is still much to figure out when it come to how they will produce on their new teams. Below we take a look at 5 players that still have us wanting their autographed jerseys despite the new team.

1. Kenny Golladay

This is a name that we have seen in many of our football mystery boxes. Kenny Golladay went from being a relatively unknown as a rookie, to the biggest domino at the receiver position in Free Agency. He might not be wearing a Lions jersey anymore, but a signed jersey (Giants, of course) would be a great addition to a collection for any owner.

2. JJ Watt

This choice has much less to do with Watt changing teams, and more to do with the legacy that he has already left on the game. Watt has been such an iconic player that it will be very odd to see him on a new team, but we still think that an autographed mini helmet from him will go for a pretty penny, just like it did when he was a Texan. Shop Cardinals Autographed Sports Memorabilia here!

3. Hunter Henry

Although we could have easily put Jonnu Smith here, we expect that Henry will be the more successful player of the two in New England. Henry has actually already swapped memorabilia once, when the team went from San Deigo to LA, but now he is actually joining a new franchise with the New England Patriots. 

4. Curtis Samuel

Samuel is a player that has flown under the radar over recent years. However, we suspect a spike in his signed merchandise value over the next few years. His problem was never talent, it was getting enough opportunities. We expect that he gets those opportunities in Washington.

5. Bud Dupree

This was probably the least obvious name to include, however, most of the top tier offense players decided to go back to their old teams. We really like Bud as a pass rusher and believe that Mike Vrabel could be the coach to get the most out of him in Tennessee.

These are just a few names that come to mind. Who would you add to your top 5?

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