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Ranking the Top Quarterbacks for 2021

Ranking the Top Quarterbacks for 2021

We have decided to attempt to rank all 32 QB’s in the NFL for the 2021 season. This article will only have the top 10 but click here to see 11-20 or here to see 21-32. We see all these guys come through our NFL mystery boxes and our NFL live breaks at Ultimate Autographs, so make sure to check out our live breaks page to find signed helmets, autographed jerseys and all kinds of sports collectibles. 

1. Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is currently 25 and will be 26 at the beginning of the season. He is not only the most talented, but he also has an MVP, 2 Super Bowl appearances and a World Championship ring, as well. He will not be moving from this spot in the rankings any time soon. 

2. Aaron Rodgers

Picking the 2nd best quarterback was a more difficult task than anticipated. However, no one has done more, with less than Rodgers over recent years. He has only ever thrown a touchdown pass to 1 1st round pass catcher, and that was a washed up version of Mercedes Lewis. Even at his advanced age, he put all of his talents on display, winning the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award for the 2020 season. 

3. Tom Brady

Having a guy approaching his age 44 season as number 3 on the list seems like a bold prediction. However, Brady showed very few signs that age is catching up with him in 2020 after winning yet another Super Bowl. He has never been the most physically gifted, but his mind, leadership, and drive to win are unparalleled. 

4. Russell Wilson

After being a 3rd round pick in 2012, Wilson took the league by storm and quickly established himself as a top tier talent. Although the “Let Russ Cook” phase was short lived in Seattle, there is no doubt that he has just as much ability as anyone else in the league. Now, if Seattle could just get him some blocking.

5. Josh Allen

Allen went from being considered a middling quarterback that couldn't win consistently with his arm, to an all around threat and upper echelon guy. To be fair, his receiving core was questionable at best until Stefon Diggs was added and now Allen has a true number 1 guy. 

6. Lamar Jackson

It almost feels wrong to have a guy that won an MVP award so recently all the way down at 6, but so far, Jackson hasn’t proved that his arm can get it done in clutch situations. However, Jackson is the most dynamic playmaker at the position since Michael Vick.

7. Dak Prescott

It was sad to see Dak go down with that terrible ankle injury, but all reports say he should be back for week 1. I think a true testament to Dak’s greatness was how truly bad and lost the Cowboys offense was without him. During his 4 healthy games, Prescott passed for 1,690 yards. That 16 game pace would be an astounding 6,760 yards.

8. Deshaun Watson

For the time being, let’s just talk about Watson the football player and not all of the off the field stuff. As a player, Watson has all the tools to easily be top 5 on this list. The problem is that each and every year, Watson keeps losing more teammates. It’s incredibly difficult to show the world how talented you are with the worst roster in the NFL.

9. Justin Herbert

I understand that we are dealing with a very small sample size, but I have no reason to doubt that what we saw last season was truly the real deal. After winning Rookie of the Year, Herbert received a former QB as head coach, and their 1st and 3rd round picks were spent on pieces to help him on the offensive side of the football.

10. Kyler Murray 

The talent and electricity that Kyler plays with is truly undeniable. The biggest question is whether or not Kyler can turn this roster into playoff contenders and eventually Super Bowl contenders. 

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