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Ranking the Quarterbacks: Part 2

Ranking the Quarterbacks: Part 2

We have decided to attempt to rank all 32 QB’s in the NFL for the 2021 season. This article will only have 11-20, but click here to see 1-10 or here to see 21-32. We see all these guys come through our NFL mystery boxes and our NFL live breaks at Ultimate Autographs, so make sure to check out our live breaks page to find signed helmets, autographed jerseys and all kinds of sports collectibles. 

Trevor Lawrence

I can already hear the comments. “He hasn’t even taken a snap yet”, “How do we know that Lawrence isn’t a bust” and “Rookie quarterbacks need time to develop”. While those are all valid points, it is also true that talent evaluators have been drooling over this kid for some time now and he has been put in a class with Elway, Manning and Luck. I have watched him play a lot in college and I can confidently say that he is already in the top half of the league. Honestly, he should probably be higher on this list. 

Matt Ryan

Ryan is no longer a young pup. In fact, one has to wonder how many years that he truly has left. That said, “Matty Ice” is still more than serviceable and with the addition of Kyle Pitts in the draft, he has more weapons in the passing then he has at any other time. 

Matthew Stafford

Stafford is the first of many players on this list that are now on a new team. After such a long time in Detroit, Stafford is taking his talents to LA with Sean McVay. With so much raw talent, it wouldn't be difficult to see him catapult his stock and really put on take how much he has left in the tank. 

Baker Mayfield

This begins the window of quarterbacks that don’t necessarily have any elite traits, but are great reliable options for their teams. That’s Baker Mayfield in a nutshell. He isn’t special in terms of being a passer, but he has completely flipped the Browns on their head and is the catalyst to most of their success. 

Ryan Tannehill

After a failed tenure in Miami, Tannehill has totally reignited his career with the Tennessee Titans. He will never lead the league in passing yards or rush for 1,000 yards like Lamar, but he is a quarterback that you can win with, and at the end of the day, that's all you really need. 

Carson Wentz

This will be a career defining season for Wentz. His career started out crazy successful but slowly fizzled due to poor play and injuries. With a fresh start in Indy, Wentz could once again show that he can be a winner and give his career the boost it needs.

Joe Burrow

On pure talent alone, Burrow should probably be higher on this list. However, with the uncertainty around his health, we’re going to move him down a bit. If fully healthy week 1, expect him closer to the top 12.

Kirk Cousins

Cousins has defined mediocre quarterback over the entirety of his career. He is never a problem or issue, but he also isn't the reason that his team wins games. In 2021, there will probably be more of the same. Keep an eye on his backup Kellen Mond. Robert Griffin III was quoted as saying that “Mond is good at everything Cousins isn't." 

Tua Tagovailoa

There are some people who are down on Tua after the 2020 season, but let’s remember a few things. Tua overcame a traumatic hip injury, was a rookie during a COVID shortened offseason, had no offseason games, was yanked in and out of the starting lineup and had most of his receiving options injured while he was the starter. Add Fuller and Waddle into the mix and things should be wheels up for 2021.

Jalen Hurts

Hurts is a really tough one to project. On one hand, he looked electric in his rookie year and he finally made the offense competitive. On the other hand, he looked mediocre at best in the passing game and now opposing defenses have tape on him. Your guess is as good as mine for this coming season. 

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