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NFL Top 100: 81-90

NFL Top 100: 81-90

Everyone loves a good list. Normally we spend our time discussing NFL mystery boxes, autographed mini helmets, signed memorabilia and all kinds of sports collectibles. However, today we ignore signed jerseys and focus on just ranking the best players in the NFL. Let’s look at players 81-90!

  1. Terron Armstead, Offensive Tackle - New Orleans Saints

At left tackle, Armstead was one of the most effective players at protecting the quarterback's blindside. PFF had Armstead as one of the most efficient players over the past 4 seasons allowing league low marks on QB pressures.


  1. Jessie Bates, Safety - Cincinnati Bengals

Bates is another one of those players that doesn't get tons of recognition but is a rising star in the league. Bates has had at least 100 tackles and 3 interceptions every season of his young 3 year career.


  1. Terry Mclaurin, Wide Receiver - Washington Football Team

“F1” followed up his rookie campaign with an even better season in year 2. This speedster showed that he has what it takes to become a star in this league and the addition of Ryan Fitzpatrick. 


  1. Chris Godwin, Wide Receiver - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Despite being so accomplished, many people forget that he is still very young. At only 25 years old he has established himself as an elite option in this offense and will command a HUGE contract in free agency next season. 


  1. Ryan Tannehill, Quarterback - Tennessee Titans

After a lackluster start to his career in Miami, Tannehill has reinvented himself in Tennessee. He has had 2 straight seasons with a quarterback rating over 105 and has proven to be more than just a game manager. The addition of Julio Jones should also help give him a boost to his overall numbers.


  1. Darren Waller, Tight End - Las Vegas Raiders

A few seasons ago we were not even sure that Waller would ever set foot on an NFL field again. Now he is one of the premiere players at the position. He has the hands and the athletic ability of a wide receiver but the build of a stand up Y. He is a tad on the older end but the lack of wear and tear on his body could allow him to play longer than most. 


  1. Shaq Mason, Guard - New England Patriots

The Patriots didn't have a lot going for them this past season. Hidden in all that mess though was Shaq Mason. He is one of the premiere guards in the league and can do it all, however, he especially excels in the run blocking game.


  1. Ryan Kelly, Center - Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts center has been a pillar of consistency for this unit over the past 2 seasons. He only missed one game and also had some of the lowest penalty and sack numbers in the league. 


  1. Demarcus Lawrence, Defensive End - Dallas Cowboys

Overall the Cowboys were a mess last season. On the surface it looks like Lawrence had a down year as well but the tape tells a different story. Teams were constantly sending extra help his way, but he would still manage to make plays. Look for Lawrence to dominate in 2021and get back to his usual numbers now that he will be receiving some extra help. 


  1. Baker Mayfield, Quarterback - Cleveland Browns

Similar to Ryan Tannehill, Mayfield doesn't have incredible passing numbers but he was so much more efficient in 2020 and most importantly led the team to a playoff berth and a massive win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is the field general for one of the best offenses in the NFL and he will continue to be the straw that stirs the drink in 2021.

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