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Interview Series: Garret Price

Interview Series: Garret Price

Every company has its own culture and set of nuanced behaviors that make it unique. Over the course of the next few weeks we are going to look at our own company through the eyes of many of its employees to figure out what makes it special. Next up is our Content Creation Assistant, Garret Price.

What’s your favorite part about working at Ultimate Autographs?
My entire day is consumed with sports. I go from writing about sports, to advertising signed sports memorabilia, to making a graphic featuring an athlete. For someone that loves athletics as much as I do, it makes this job seem a lot less like work and a lot more like fulfilling a passion of mine. 

What was the deciding factor in you wanting to work at Ultimate Autographs?

Our Marketing Director Bill Coon and one of the heads of the company, Dave Solis both did my second interview and during that meeting I could see how passionate they were about this company and how serious they were about growing the business. Their excitement was contagious and that was when I realized that working at Ultimate Autographs would be a great fit for me.

What gets you excited about the direction Ultimate Autographs is headed?

Apathy is not an issue here. There are many work environments where you can tell that many of the employees are just punching the clock and trying to get through the day. At UA many of the people that work here are involved in the vision and the planning aspects of the company. There is a united purpose 

What’s the one thing that you have done at Ultimate Autographs that you would point to as your proudest moment?

We have had a few series that have come out that I developed and thats been pretty cool, but overall I think that the thing that I am the most proud of have been some of the ideas for different promos and trying to figure out new ways to engage our customer base and encourage them to take a second look at our products. 

What item in the Ultimate Autographs Inventory would you most like to add to your personal collection?

I would love to add a Ladainian Tomlinson powder blue signed jersey. I know that we have items that probably hold more value but he was so much fun to watch when I was in middle school and high school. The jersey was just iconic and all the “cool” kids would wear them.


Any other comments?

I’m so thankful to work at a place where I can express new ideas/thoughts and they will not only be heard, but they will be considered and implemented if they prove themselves to be fruitful.

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