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Win a Free Jersey Break Spot or $10 UA Cash!

Leave a Google Review and be Entered to Win!

We are asking our Live Break audience to leave us a review on Google.

If you tell us how much you love UA Live Breaks via a review on Google during the hours we are breaking live, your name will be added to a special free spot raffle list the following day!

The next day, during the UA Live Break, the host will add the names of all the prior day's reviewers to the randomizer.

Using that break's dice roll number, the host will randomize the list a specified number of times. Three (3) winners will be selected using the names of the individual's whose names appear atop of the list after the final randomization.

The names who appear in the top 3 positions on the list will receive the following prizes:

1st   Free spot in a future 2020 jersey break

2nd  Free spot in a future 2020 jersey break

3rd   10 UA Cash (to be deposited into the user's account within 10 business days)

Click here to leave us a review on Facebook!

Only one (1) review per person on Google will be accepted for entry.

This opportunity is valid for breaks between 9/21/2020 and 9/27/2020. The final randomization will occur 9/28/2020. Only one raffle will occur on Saturday and Sunday during the 8pm UA Live Break broadcast.



Ultimate Autographs will make every attempt to contact the winners via email. If the winner does not respond by Midnight CT on 10/15/2020, they will forfeit their prize.