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Signature Club FAQ

General Questions About the Signature Club Program:

Q: What if I am already an Ultimate Autographs customer? Do I need to sign up separately or am I automatically enrolled?

A: You will need to actively sign up for the Signature Club! You will not begin receiving Signature Club Points until you create a Signature Club account.

Q: I want to refer a friend to the Signature Club. How do I do this?

A: First log in to your Signature Club account. Then all you need to do is visit, where you can enter your friend’s email address. Once they make a qualified purchase, you can get your referral reward!\

Q: I understand I will receive 15,000 Signature Club Points when I refer a friend. What do I need to do to assure I get these points?

A: You will only receive 15,000 Signature Club Points when your friend makes a qualified purchase of $50 or more at Ultimate Autographs. Once this is achieved, you will receive an email. In some cases, it may take up to 24 hours for Signature Club Points to be deposited into your account.

Q: When I refer a friend and earn 15,000 Signature Club Points, will this help me level up my tier status?

A: No. These points will only be available as redemption credit towards Store Credit or UA Products, like Free Signed Memorabilia or Ultimate Autographs apparel. (Available items subject to change throughout the year).

Q: Can I trade my Signature Club Points for store credit to Ultimate Autographs?

A: Yes! When you are logged in to your Signature Club account, you are able use Signature Club points at checkout, when prompted, to redeem points for store credit!

Q: Q: How do I redeem Signature Club Points for Products?

A: As products are made available by Ultimate Autographs, you will be able to redeem products at checkout using your current bank of Signature Club Points. NOTE: You will need to be logged in to your Signature Club account in order to redeem points!

Q: How long will the Signature Club program run for?

A: Indefinitely. However, Ultimate Autographs does reserve the right to cancel the program at any time.

Questions About Earning Signature Club Points:

Q: I already follow Ultimate Autographs on social media. Can I still get points?

A: Yes! When you are logged in to your Signature Club account, click on the various social media icons under “Ways to Earn”. A pop up will appear. It may ask you to log in to your social media account, if your browser does not already have the password saved. Once it acknowledges that you follow us on a particular social media platform, you will be granted the points within 24 hours!

Q: How do you know if I watched a UA Live Breaks broadcast? Does it matter which platform I watch it on?

A: To obtain these points, log in to your Signature Club Account. Once you are logged in, navigate to the UA Live Breaks webpage. Your account will be credited within 24 hours! 

Q: Will Ultimate Autographs ever block an account from signing up or remaining active?

A: If at any point Ultimate Autographs believes a user is misusing the program (fraud, abuse of point system, hacking, etc.) Ultimate Autographs reserves the right to delete an account (thus removing all tier status, perks, and promised rewards) at their discretion and without any explanation to the account holder. 


You may obtain these Signature Club Points 1x per day. Meaning, you can watch either our afternoon or evening show each day to earn Signature Club Points!

However, Ultimate Autographs wants to share that if we feel any illegal activity is taking place (including but not limited to, the use of bots to watch the show), we will revoke all Signature Club Points.

Q: I understand I will earn 10 Signature Club Points every time I tune in to a UA Live Breaks Broadcast, but how does Ultimate Autographs know if I watched the Early Afternoon Show or the Evening Show?

A: You will receive credit for watching a show only if you first log in to your account and then navigate to the UA Live Breaks page to watch a UA Live Breaks broadcast. Based on the time of the day you log in and complete this action, we will know which show you watched.

Questions About Our VIP Tiers:

Q: When I reach a new VIP Tier, how do I redeem the tier’s prize?

A: You will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your tier prize! Typically, we will require you to add a specific item to your cart while using a unique code!

Q: What purchases qualify for VIP Tier status?

A: Only purchases made on (Live Breaks, Personal Mystery Box Orders, and Virtual Mystery Boxes, Individual Sports Memorabilia orders). Orders placed through a company representative (wholesale) do not qualify.


Q: I made it to “Elite Collector” status. How do I make sure I am entered into the Bi-Weekly Top Spot Break?

A: Great question! We will automatically add you to a list of all the individuals who achieved Elite Collector status. This list will be stored in the UA Live Break Room. You do have to be present to win. 

Q: How will the "Iconic Only" Top Spot Break Work?

A: The Iconic Only Top Spot Break will occur at a specified time in January approximately 2 weeks before the event. The specific details of each Iconic break will be revealed at that time. 

Q: What will I receive for becoming a G.O.A.T. Collector?

A: Each G.O.A.T. Collector will receive a Headliner package which features four recent headliner names that we had in the break room on an authentic helmet, a replica helmet, a jersey and a mini helmet!