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At the end of Ultimate Autographs Customer Appreciation Week, 1 lucky collector will win (1) Autographed photo of Tom Brady!

This winner will be selected from a large list of names, which will be comprised of every individual who purchased a Live Break Spot throughout Customer Appreciation Week (July 12 – July 18, 2021). There is no limit on entries, for every spot purchased equals one position on the list.

On Sunday, July 18, 2021, we will be selecting a winner of this Grand Prize in the following top spot break, tournament-style format:

  1. The host will begin by rolling the virtual dice for a new Grand Prize dice roll number, (which will be different from the show’s dice roll number). The number must be higher than two but less than six (for the sake of expediting the process).
  2. The host will then randomize the list of names from each day, selecting the top 3 names from every list. In turn, Monday Live Break Spot purchasers will be randomized together, then Tuesday Live Break Spot purchasers will be randomized together, and so on until every day (including those who purchased during the Sunday broadcast) are randomized and a final list of 21 finalists are compiled into a Grand Prize List.
  3. Once the list is compiled with the 21 finalists, the host (using the same Grand Prize dice roll number) will complete one final randomization using the newly created list of 21 finalists. The name at the top of the list will be the winner of a signed Tom Brady photo! 

Every individual purchase of a Live Break Spot throughout the week counts as one entry into the Tom Brady Signed Photo Grand Prize Top Spot Break.

Example: If customer John Smith purchases 2 spots every day for 7 days, he will have 2 entries into every round of the Grand Prize Top Spot Break, and 14 total entries.

Therefore, the more spots you purchase between July 12 and 18, the more chances you will have at winning our Grand Prize top spot break!