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Kamen is a die hard sports fan. He comes from the local sports TV background. His first love was soccer, but loves all sports. He has been with Ultimate Autographs for over 2 years and can be seen on most of our evening shows as the lead host. Chatting sports has always been a dream job for him so working at Ultimate Autographs is the perfect fit.

Favorite Sport(s) -
Soccer, Football, Basketball & Tennis

Favorite Team(s) - Inter Miami, Argentina National Soccer Team, Barcelona soccer, Chiefs, All Mizzou Teams, All Chicago Teams

Favorite Player(s) - Patrick Mahomes, Messi & Stephen Curry


A sport loving fanatic, that loves going to games, watching the games, and discussing sports with anybody and everybody. He also enjoys spending quality time with my friends and family. Steven is very fond of playing video games, especially MLB The Show. He has been with Ultimate Autographs for over 2 years and loves it when the break room gets on a chase!

Favorite Sport(s) - Baseball

Favorite Team(s) - Chicago Cubs, Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks, North Carolina Basketball, Wisconsin Badgers

Favorite Player(s) - Derrick Rose, Luka Doncic, Joe Burrow, Dansby Swanson


Colin grew up in Elkhart, Indiana where he was a three-sport athlete in high school, including winning a state championship in baseball. In college, he completed all of flight school and earned his private pilot's license, as well as his commercial rating, and multi-engine rating. After COVID, he switched gears and focused more on his true love of sports. He completed a bachelor's degree at the Dan Patrick School of Sportscasting at Full Sail University and now broadcasts for the Kane County Cougars, PA announce for the Chicago Steel, and of course break awesome sports memorabilia at Ultimate Autographs.

Favorite Sport(s) - Football

Favorite Team(s) -  Eagles, White Sox, Warriors, Blackhawks

Favorite Player(s) - Donovan McNabb, Ken Griffey Jr., Steve Nash, Jonathan Toews


Joe has been a trusted voice in Chicago sports media, both print and electronic, for more than 30 years. He served 20 years as a prep sports editor for the Daily Herald, where he also was a part of the media group's coverage of the Chicago Bears. He has been a frequent contributor to ABC7 TV in Chicago and Golf Chicago magazine. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University.

Favorite Sport(s) - Hockey

Favorite Team(s) - Blackhawks, Cubs, Bears, Bulls

Favorite Player(s) - Walter Payton, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Denis Savard, Michael Jordan, Sammy Sosa, Ryne Sandberg