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Week 8 Power Rankings: Part 1

Week 8 Power Rankings: Part 1

Since we are a quarter of the way through the NFL Season, we thought we would take a break from signed jerseys and autographed NFL memorabilia and rank the teams in the league from top to bottom. So without further ado… our Week 8 2021 NFL Power Rankings

1. Arizona Cardinals
They will remain in the top spot as long as they stay undefeated.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tom Brady has 600 career touchdowns to go along with 7 Super Bowls. Are there really still people that don't believe that he is the GOAT?

3. Buffalo Bills
We were about to drop the Bills after their loss last week, but with it being such a slow game and with how well they have played as of late, we left them at 3

4.LA Rams
Matthew Stafford seems to be the missing piece that Sean McVay was looking for in this offense. 

5. Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers will be without his top target this week with Davante Adams contracting COVID. Can they still upset the undefeated Cardinals without him?

6. Dallas Cowboys
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7. Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore has their leader, Lamar Jackson, playing at full speed similar to his MVP campaign of 2019. That said, this defense isn't as good as it has been in the past and they need more guys to step up. 

8. LA Chargers 
Justin Herbert was looking like a frontrunner for MVP before the Baltimore game. After the Bye week we expect him to bounce back and be that guy!

9. Cincinnati Bengals
Ja"Marr Chase was the key to unlocking this offense. All of a sudden they sit atop the AFC Standings. 

10. Tennessee Titans
Big upsets in back to back weeks. the combo of King Henry and AJ Brown is a tough one to top. 

11. Cleveland Browns
Despite being hit with an unreal number of injuries, the Browns find themselves on the winning end this past week and over .500 with a 4 - 3 record.

12. Las Vegas Raiders
Surprisingly, they have been better without Gruden. 

13. Kansas City
What is going on here? 

14. Indianapolis Colts
Things started a bit slow, but the offense is starting to gel and Carson Wentz looks lie he will be the long term answer for the Colts.

15. New Orleans Saints 
Life after Drew Brees has been tough but Alvin Kamara and a good defense has helped keep their heads above water.

16. New England Patriots 
Mac Jones was the afterthought QB in this class but so far he has look every bit the QB as everyone else in the class and then some. 


Check our next article for part 2!

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