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Ultimate Autographs Interview Series: Bill Coon

Ultimate Autographs Interview Series: Bill Coon

Every company has its own culture and set of nuanced behaviors that make it unique. Over the course of the next few weeks we are going to look at our own company through the eyes of many of its employees to figure out what makes it special. First up is the head of our Marketing Department, Bill Coon.

What’s your favorite part about working at Ultimate Autographs?

“The people are really great. I know that sounds super cliché, but the people are really down to Earth and are really passionate about their role in the company. Overall, it’s a really nice environment and culture to excel in as well as learn and grow.”

What makes marketing for this company similar or different from marketing for other companies?

“At the end of the day, it is still eCommerce. The same rules apply here as they do other places. The cool thing is UA has a sports product line with a sports culture, so there’s a lot of shared interest among other employees.”

What was the deciding factor in you wanting to work at Ultimate Autographs?

“At the time of my hire, I was doing lots of freelance work for other companies that were all in completely different industries. So when the opportunity to work with Ultimate Autographs came about, I found myself really drawn to the product. Plus, I really enjoyed working with Dave and Matt (the company’s owners) so that was a nice bonus.”

What gets you excited about the direction Ultimate Autographs is headed?

“I think it is cool that the owners of the company are always willing to try new things. We have a few things in the pipeline that are really cutting edge for this industry. Collectors will absolutely love it once it finally does roll out.”

What’s the one thing that you have done at Ultimate Autographs that you would point to as your proudest moment?

“It’s a lot of stuff that most people will never see or quickly notice. For the most part it’s behind the scenes putting processes together and cleaning things up. The most noticeable though, would probably be our website. When I arrived here it was not in optimal shape. Since March of 2020 it has really improved leaps and bounds.”

What item in the Ultimate Autographs inventory would you most like to add to your personal collection?

“Even though I am a die-hard Bears fan, I always find myself drawn to the Vikings Helmets. I love the look of the deep purple. The authentic helmets really glisten. Because of that, I’ll probably have to go with a Signed Authentic Helmet from Adrian Peterson.”

Any other comments?

“Ultimate Autographs is just a really fun place to work. It’s a great spot for people to come in and cut their teeth on anything from media and broadcasting to marketing.”


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