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UA Live Breaks Explained

UA Live Breaks Explained


Basics: A group break is generally referred to as a group of individuals buying "slots" to receive potential hits from the break. The slot is usually a certain team, but there are many variations. This is a fun way for collectors to potentially receive hits from the favorite players or teams without purchasing an entire box or case. We have rules in place for multi-player cards and other scenarios that may happen as well, please read on below for those rules.

While most of our breaks have a date and time to be opened, all slots must be sold before we can have the break. In the event that a break does not sell out we will push it back to give more time for a sell out. If after pushing back the start date, there are still open spots we will cancel the break and we can credit your account or issue a refund.

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What is a Box Break?

A box break is the greatest opportunity to give you a chance to win some amazing memorabilia at a fraction of the cost! A number of individuals buy their own individual chance to receive an item pulled out of Ultimate Autographs Mystery Boxes. The individual will purchase slot, or a piece of the cost of the box. From there, a mystery box is opened live on camera, showing everyone involved the winner of the item!

How do I win?

There are multiple ways UA runs a live break. There are “Division” breaks, where every individual will be represented by a “Division” of the sport that the box being opened is from. For example, if you purchase the “AFC East”, your four teams will consist of the Patriots, Dolphins, Jets and the Bills. If a Tom Brady Patriots helmet is what comes out of the box, congratulations, that item is yours!

Division breaks are more expensive than a “Team” break. That is because you have better odds to win with 4 teams, instead of the lone team you get in a “Team” break.

Team breaks are pretty self-explanatory. Every member of that specific break has a team that they are represented by. If the item that comes out of the box is that team’s item, you are the winner!

“Pick One Get One” Breaks. This format is where you get to choose a team that you like, and after 16 different teams are chosen, the last 16 teams will be randomized to the individuals in the break. This one is more costly than the “Team” break, but less expensive than the “Divisions” break.

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How do I know this is legit?

Everything is done LIVE on camera. The representative running the break will open up a UA Mystery Box right there in front of you. Every item will also have a corresponding Certificate of Authenticity to show that all items are 100% legit.

“What happens if an item with no team represented, or college item is pulled out of the box, who wins then?”

In the circumstance that an autographed collegiate item or an item without team representation is pulled in a live break, the winner of that item will depend all on the PLAYER represented on the item. It will be determined by the team that the player is currently on if still active, otherwise the team they served the longest tenure within his career as a professional athlete. In the event that am item is pulled with no team represented, but there is an inscription that relates to a particular year or achievement, the item winner is that who has the team in which the athlete was on that particular year or the year the inscribed achievement happened.


Break items that you WIN are shipped directly to you! We cover the shipping costs to the Lower 48 of the United States. If you are outside that criteria, you will be asked to provide the difference between the amount we pay to ship to the Lower 48 and the amount that it takes to ship directly to your domain.

For example, if you win a Full-Size helmet break, the amount to ship that item is $30. If the destination you are at has an estimated shipping cost of $45, you will be asked to provide the final $15 to get your item shipped.

How do I play?

Get your winning spot today! Our live breaks are streamed almost every night of the week on Facebook, our Twitch and YouTube streams as well as right here on!

** Live Break Spots are non-refundable.

Check out which breaks are available!

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