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Tuesday Tips: Custom or Licensed Autograph Jerseys?

Tuesday Tips: Custom or Licensed Autograph Jerseys?

Ever wondered what the difference is between an officially licensed jersey and our custom jerseys? We'll take the guesswork out of it and explain what the major differences are between each in this week's Tuesday Tips.

Licensed Jerseys

These autographed memorabilia jerseys feature the official team logos, names, fonts and the manufacturer's brand along with an authentic autograph. These are just like the jerseys you can get from any sports clothing provider. They tend to hold a higher resell value as the autographed jersey is as close to a game jersey as consumers can get without grabbing one from a team's locker room.

Some examples of our licensed autographed jerseys can be found here -

Custom Jerseys

Custom jerseys still feature authentic autographs but are on jerseys that closely match the official team's color design. Our custom jerseys do not feature official licensed logos, team fonts or manufacturer logos. We do not attempt to put official logos on these and pass them off as authentic jerseys.

Here are some examples of what our custom autographed jerseys look like -

Licensed vs. Custom Jersey?

So, you've made the choice to buy an autographed jersey. Great! Now that you know the difference between the two, the next question is, do I want a licensed or custom jersey? The answer to that depends on a lot of factors. Licensed autographed jerseys usually have more value but they're also more expensive. Custom autographed jerseys provide an affordable option to add to your autographed sports memorabilia collection. And depending on how you frame the jersey (if you choose to do so), you're not going to see much of anything beyond the back of the jersey which has the player name, player number and authentic autograph.

PS - Our jerseys are authenticated autographed sports memorabilia and are intended for display only. We do not recommend wearing these jerseys as everyday clothing as you could damage the item or the signature and it would lose significant value.


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