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Top 5: Running back signatures we want to find in Mystery Boxes

Top 5: Running back signatures we want to find in Mystery Boxes

Sure, the NFL has devalued the running back position a bit, but we still love getting autographed memorabilia from these titans of the gridiron! Look below to view our favorite names to snag!

1. Christian McCaffery

This dual-threat running back has been destroying defenses over the past few seasons and the only thing that held him back was the injury bug during the 2020 season. Finding a signed football from McCaffery isn’t an easy feat, but he has been known to find his way into a football mystery box or two at Ultimate Autographs. Look for a strong bounce-back season in 2021 from CMC.

2. Jonathan Taylor

This rookie put on a show in 2020, despite the slow start. Although he doesn’t have the same amount of time in the league as some of these other stars, he is expected to be a mainstay in this league for a long time. At Ultimate Autographs, we have been fortunate enough to have several signed helmets of his and they sure have been received well.

3. Saquon Barkley

We almost want to put this guy in 1st place. After his rookie season, many people would have easily said that an autographed jersey from Saquon Barkley would be at the top of their list. However, after back-to-back injury-riddled seasons, there have been some real questions about his longevity. That said, there’s too much talent to not want to get a signed mini helmet from “Quadzilla”

4. Ezekiel Eliott

Having major names, from major teams is always a hit when it comes to collecting and Ezekiel Elliot is no different. Anytime you can find an autographed jersey, in one of the autographed mystery boxes, from a player that was a star for both Ohio State and the Dallas Cowboys, you know they will hold some value. “Zeke” isn’t a young pup anymore, but we expect him to still churn out some fantastic seasons in the future.

5. Derrick Henry 

This monster of a man has lead the league in rushing for two consecutive seasons and no one would be shocked if he got his 3rd straight in 2021. With the type of strength he possesses, one would have to wonder if he would break the sharpie every time he went to sign a football. Either way, we would still love to have an autograph from Derrick Henry.

These are our top 5. Who are yours?

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