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Top 5: Incoming Rookie Football Signatures We Want The Most

Top 5: Incoming Rookie Football Signatures We Want The Most

Sitting there with bated breath. Watching closely as the breaker opens your football mystery box. The moments seem to crawl by as you are just hoping to get an autographed helmet from your favorite rookie football player from the 2021 class. Sure, a signed jersey from a solid vet will do, but there’s something special about getting a hit from the newest players on the field. All the hope, promise and upside of “what could be” in that player’s career races through your mind. That’s what is coming, and these five guys are the players that we want to get most in those coveted NFL mystery boxes at Ultimate Autographs.

  1. Trevor Lawrence

“Sunshine”. “The Golden Boy”. “QB1”. Whatever you want to call Trevor Lawrence, he easily tops our list of rookie football signatures we want most. He has been projected to be the top overall quarterback taken in this class for several years and each season he has shown why he is deserving of this top spot. An autographed jersey from “TLaw” will be hard to find, but I’m sure we will get our hands on a few this coming season for our football jersey mystery box breaks.

  1. Justin Fields

The Ohio State quarterback has been battling with Lawrence his entire career. They played high school football 30 minutes apart, they were the top two rated QB’s in their class and they battled it out against one another in two college football playoff games. It is only fitting that they are 1 & 2 on our list. Regardless of where Fields lands, I’d expect that an autographed football from him will only increase in value for years to come.

  1. Zach Wilson

Yes, we do realize that this is the 3rd quarterback in a row, but when it comes to autographed memorabilia, this position usually nabs the highest return in value. At this time, Wilson seems to be a lock to be taken inside the top 10 of the upcoming NFL draft. Now the only question is about what gear he will be signing. Will Ultimate Autographs be selling New York Jets signed jerseys, Denver Broncos signed helmets or will there be an unknown team that locks in their franchise guy? Only time will tell. 

  1. Ja’Marr Chase

Finally! We have a position player other than a quarterback on the list. Chase didn’t play in the 2020 season, but he was so successful in 2019 that he is still expected to be the top wideout taken in April. If you can find a signed helmet in one of our mini helmet mystery boxes, you will be walking away with a future star!

  1. DaVonta Smith

This wide receiver won the Heisman Trophy last season. Anytime the Heisman is won by a non-quarterback, you know that the player is special. Despite not being the most physically imposing guy, Smith just knows how to win. Despite being 5th on this list, an autographed football of this young stud would still be a major hit!

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