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Top 20 Quarterbacks of the 21st Century: 1 - 10

Top 20 Quarterbacks of the 21st Century: 1 - 10

Today we are setting aside the NFL Mystery Boxes and Autographed Helmets to talk about some players deserving of GOAT status, specifically the top 20 quarterbacks of the 21st century. We are taking in the entirety of each players career, even if it started before 2000. As long as they played a single game in the 21st century, they are eligible of the list. So without further ado, the top 20 quarterbacks of the 2000’s finishing up with 1 - 10!

10. Eli Manning

The Eli Manning Debate is a really fascinating one. No one will deny that he was a good quarterback. However, the question is whether or not he is a GREAT one. On one hand, he won 2 Super Bowls over the great Tom Brady. On the other hand his career was incredibly inconsistent and he didn't put up the same type of numbers that other greats of his time were producing.

9. Donavan McNabb

McNabb is an all-time great for the Philadelphia Eagles and currently holds almost every significant career passing record for the team. He took the team to 5 NFC title games and advanced to the Super Bowl once. The dual-threat player has even had his number retired by the franchise. There were a lot of good QB’s to choose in the 2000’s from but McNabb’s career had to come inside the top 10.

8 .Ben Roethlisberger
Big Ben was taken in that legendary QB class that featured Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning as well, but the 3rd quarterback taken ended up being the best. He lead the Steelers to 2 Super Bowl titles and lead the NFL in Passing on 2 separate occasions. The fact that he is 8th on this list is a testament to how incredible this position has been during this century.

7. Russell Wilson

Already in his career, Wilson has won a Super Bowl title and was so close to nabbing a 2nd. Now with the Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson has the opportunity to put up some absolutely gaudy numbers along with the chance to add to his ring collection. The former 3rd round pick has really elevated himself from his Wisconsin days.

6. Patrick Mahomes
26. Patrick Mahomes is only 26 years old and he has already: Won a Super Bowl. Won and MVP. Was a Super Bowl MVP. Played in 2 Super Bowls and is a 4 time Pro Bowl selection. He might be young, but his career resume already looks similar to a 15 year vet that is a lock to get a bust in Canton. 

5. Brett Farve

The Old Gunslinger made football fun. From completing seemingly impossible passes to throwing a slant significantly harder than necessary, to never giving up on a play, Brett Farve was the embodiment of every kid that has NFL aspirations. The HOF quarterback set several records during his time, however, many of those records have since been surpassed.

4. Aaron Rodgers

It only feels right to have Rodgers and Farve back-to-back. The “other” Packers quarterback ranks slightly higher here on our list as he has preformed at legendary levels without having a lot of help. In fact, the only 1st round player to catch a touchdown pass from him is Mercedes Lewis. He has done a lot in his time including 4 MVP awards 10 pro bowls and a Super Bowl championship. All that and he is one of the best arm talents of all-time.

3. Drew Brees

His career got off to a rocky start, but he really took off when he teamed up with Sean Payton in New Orleans. He is 2nd all time in passing yards and passing touchdowns only behind Tom Brady. Was a 13 time pro bowler and won Super Bowl XLIV and also won the Super Bowl MVP as well. Brees never had the build or arm strength of some of these other elite quarterbacks but he did the most with what he was given.

2. Peyton Manning

Manning changed the way the quarterback position was played. He was always so smart and so well studied that he knew the weaknesses of defenses before they even did. He often called plays and changed plays right on the field, without even huddling. Had he been able to secure another ring or 2 we might be able to entertain him as the top guy, but coming in 2nd place on a list like this isn’t too shabby.

1. Tom Brady

He is the GOAT. No debate, no analysis needed. 

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