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Top 100 NFL Players: 11 -20

Top 100 NFL Players: 11 -20

We have done it again! Ultimate Autographs is your go to source for everything live breaks including, but not limited to NFL Mystery Boxes, signed jerseys, signed helmets autographed mini helmets and all kinds of Sports Mystery Boxes! However, we like to provide other types of joy other than just your traditional Mystery Box NFL live breaks. That’s why we once again ranked the top 100 players in the NFL! Different than other lists, this isn’t based on what they have done in the past, but rather what we expect from them in 2022. So grab your favorite autographed helmet and check out our list of the NFL’s top 100 players.


20. Jarie Alexander - Cornerback - Green Bay Packers

This was another Packer that dealt with injuries much of last season. That said, he is still a shutdown guy no matter who he is facing.

19. Travis Kelce - Tight End, Kansas City Chiefs

When it is all said and done, Travis Kelce has a legit shot at being the greatest tight end of all time. His streak of 1,000 + yard seasons is nothing short of incredible and he is now living in a world where Tyreek Hill is gone. He should see a ridiculous amount of targets.

18. Cooper Kupp - Wide Receiver, LA Rams

145 receptions. 1947 yards. 16 touchdowns. I rest my case.

17. George Kittle - Tight End, San Fransisco 49ers

We have a few players in our top 25 like this, but once again we have a fantastic player, that has been hampered by injuries. This is a fair spot for him, but the best ability is availability…

16. Zach Martin - Guard, Dallas Cowboys

Let’s give the big man some love. Martin has been one of the most outstanding guards in football for years. The running game might not be producing quite like it used to, but that’s no fault of Martin.

15. Quenton Nelson - Guard, Indianapolis Colts

Hampered a bit by the injury bug early, Martin recovered quickly and once again asserted his dominance over the AFC South.

14. Derrick Henry - Running Back, Tennessee Titans

Stop me if you heard this before, but Derrick Henry was injured at the end of last season and it cost him potentially having 3 straight 1,500 yard seasons. That said, the 29 year old RB is getting up there in years. Who knows how much is left in the tank.

13. Myles Garrett - Defensive End, Cleveland Browns

Myles Garret is a monster of a man that has done nothing but produce since he stepped onto the field. However, off the field Garrett is quite the character. His interests range from dinosaur bones to anime and everything in between.

12. Russell Wilson - Quarterback, Denver Broncos

The long-time Seahawk has found a new home. On top of that, the Broncos are thrilled because they have struggled at the position every year since Peyton Manning retired. He could have his best statistical season in 2022 and no one would be surprised.

11. Christian McCaffery - Running Back, Carolina Panthers

Once again, the NFL was missing one of its most talented players for most of the season due to injury. When healthy, McCaffery is the best dual-threat running back in the game.

And there you have it! If you want to see all 100 players via our 10 articles just click the link here! Don’t forget to head over to our live break room at for all of your autograph needs!

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