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Top 10 MLB Players Under 25

Top 10 MLB Players Under 25

The future of the MLB is in good hands. Below are the top 10 players in the league under the age of 25 according to Garret Price of Ultimate Autographs. Ultimate Autographs has all kinds of exciting series and promotions from NFL Autograph Mystery Boxes to Baseball Autographed Jerseys and any sports collectible in between that you can think of in the sports autographs world. Let’s look below to find out who we should be looking for in upcoming sports live breaks!

1. Ronald Acuna 

It’s not often that hyped minor league players exceed expectations, but that's exactly what has happened with Acuna. He is truly a 5 tool player and his early career numbers are comparable to the likes of Mantle, Bonds and Trout!

2. Fernando Tatis

It was hard to not put this kid first overall. Maybe it should be a 1a/1b type of thing. Either way, shortstop is a premium defensive position and any offense you get on top of that is a plus. Not only is he good with that bat, but he is one of the best overall young bats in the league. Tatis got that huge 12 year deal in the offseason and it was more than deserved.

3. Juan Soto

It feels like Soto should be older than 22 years old. However, he entered the league in 2018 as just a 19 year old kid. He was already one of the most feared power hitters in the game and had a league leading .351 batting average in 2020.

4. Rafael Devers 

The current RBI leader in the MLB had a difficult 2020 but has bounced back strong so far this season. This lefty also plays a premium position as a 3rd baseman. He likely has a long career ahead of him if he can keep posting big home run, double and RBI numbers. 

5. Yordan Alverez

Yordan has been a hot name for a while but was struggling to stay healthy. In 2021 we’re once again seeing glimpses of what we saw in 2019 with his blistering .346 batting average.

6. Vladimir Guerreo Jr.

The talented son of Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerreo Sr. has all the ability in the world. His quick bat and eye at the plate make him a formidable opponent and an easy inclusion to this list. His biggest issue will be whether he can keep his weight in check over the course of his career.

7. Eloy Jimenez

Eloy would probably be higher on this list had he not injured himself again ending his 2021 season before it even started. Still, at 6’4 240 lbs, Jimenez has the size to be a scary hitter and could easily improve upon his silver slugger award from 2020.

8. Bo Bichette

We have another son of a former big leaguer on our list in the form of Bo Bichette. Bichette gains a ton of value by holding down the shortstop position but also displaying some power in his game as well. At only 21 years old, this kid is only getting better.

9. Luis Robert

Robert might not have the power profile that some of these other players have but between his high average and his excellence on the defensive side (2020 Gold Glove Winner), Robert is one of the most fun and exciting youngsters in the game.

10. Ozzie Albies

Although he hasn't quite lived up to the hype after hitting 24 homers in back to back seasons and batting .295 in 2019, he is still a solid defensive 2nd baseman that has a much better stick then you typically find at the position.

Who did we leave out? Who shouldn't have made the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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