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Throwback Thursday: Steph Curry Drops 40 points in 2008 Upset of Gonzaga

Throwback Thursday: Steph Curry Drops 40 points in 2008 Upset of Gonzaga

Before Steph Curry was one of the best players in the NBA, he helped lead one of college basketball's greatest Cinderella stories.

In 2008, Curry and the No. 10 seeded Davidson Wildcats faced off against the No. 7 seeded Gonzaga Bulldogs. Curry gave NBA fans and scouts glimpses of what was to come in his NBA career by dropping 40 points, 30 in the second half, against favored Gonzaga. He shot 63.6 percent from the field and hit 8-of-10 3-pointers, including a clutch 3-pointer late in the game. 

Beyond the initial upset of Gonzaga, Curry helped lead his team to upsets against No. 2 Georgetown and No.3 Wisconsin in the tournament. He would score 30 and 33 points in Davidson's upset wins to go along with his 40 point performance in the opening round of March Madness.

Thomas Sander, Curry's teammate at the time, commented to Sporting News that the team knew if they could help create the opportunities, their star player was going to put on a memorable performance.

“I think Steph felt like this was his moment. You practice with him every day, and every shot you see go up goes in," Sander said. "In my mind, it was always just if you could set a screen to get him a little bit of space — if you see it go up off your fingertips, we’re good.” (via Sporting News)

Relive Curry's impressive performance against Gonzaga:

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