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Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada and also North America. It is also officially the national winter sport of Canada, and has been gaining considerable popularity across the world. The National Hockey League is arguably one of the most reputable professional ice hockey leagues in the world and draws leading players from all over the globe. Some of these NHL players even have more of a fan following than athletes across more popular sports in the world such as soccer, football, basketball, etc.

Avid hockey fans collect hockey memorabilia signed by their favorite players to show their true love and affection towards their favorite stars, as well as to help recall those glorious moments when their favorite athletes performed at their best. There are a number of hockey collectibles and memorabilia including trading cards, hockey pucks, jerseys, hockey sticks, photographs, and helmets. All of these pieces of memorabilia are autographed by some of the best past and present stars of the game. However, when buying hockey memorabilia, every fan wonders if what they are getting is truly authentic. Since there are a number of online and offline suppliers available, it is overwhelming to find one who to truly rely on. If you're looking for great authentic hockey memorabilia, then you must visit They carry a wide stock of signed NHL items.

The company offers autographed hockey items from all 30 teams in the league. Their items range from pucks, photos, jerseys, game-used items and even mini helmets. All of their autographed items for sale are obtained in-person and come with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Furthermore, Ultimate Autographs offers an exclusive, limited edition Hockey Mystery Box just in time for the holiday season. Each box will have 1 random autographed authentic, replica or custom hockey jersey that comes with a reputable 3rd party certificate of authenticity from companies such as JSA, PSA, UDA, Steiner, as well as Personal Player Holograms.

Their Limited Edition Mystery Autographed Jersey Box assures to surprise you when you open it and provide you with a jersey signed by your favorite hockey stars. Ultimate Autographs is a premier place for buying sports memorabilia autographed by the players themselves. All of their autographed sports items are guaranteed authentic and come with proof of authenticity from the top third party authenticators in the industry.
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