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After outlasting the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120 the Golden State Warriors complete the “gentleman’s sweep”. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant combined for 73 and 62 PPG in the finals which is the third highest scoring duo in the finals. Kobe & Shaq 63.0 Jordan & Pippen 62.2 Curry put up a double-double with 34 points and 10 assist while also grabbing six rebounds and three steals. He may not have been named Finals MVP. but he is the only Point Guard since Magic Johnson with 2 MVPs and 2 Championships. Kevin Durant is your Finals MVP. Durant dropped 39 points on 14-20 shooting from the field and 5-8 from the 3 after being called for 2 early fouls in the first quarter. Durant joins elite company (Jordan & Wilt) with four scoring titles and a championship and joins on Shaquille O’Neal as the only players to drop 30 in the first five finals games. Durant earned both his ring and his finals MVP as he averaged 35.2 points on 55.6 percent shooting from the field, including 47.4 percent from beyond the arc with 8.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and one block. He also shot better than 53 percent from the field in all but one game. That type of efficiency is unmatched as he’s proven no matter where he plays he can still ball out with the best of them. After receiving his Finals MVP trophy Durant credited his Warriors teammates and the hard work they brought to the table every game. The 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodola was brilliant in his 38 minutes, dropping 20 points on 9-14 shooting with 4 big slams and dropping three point bombs when needed. Iguodola is the mirror image of what you need your 6th man to do in pivotal games at crucial moments. He ran the floor, contested fall away shots, made smart plays and held down the scoring for his unit whenever they seemed stagnant. Iguodola also had the highest plus minus of any Warrior or Cavs player with +60. Of course we know LeBron James was other worldly posting 41 points on 19-30 shooting with 13 rebounds, 8 assist, two steals and one block. James is also the first players NBA history to average a triple-double in the finals with 33.6 points, 12.0 rebounds and 10.0 assists per ESPN Stats & Info. In his press conference that followed the Cavs’ season-ending Game 5 loss in Oakland, LeBron was asked if he’s a fan of the concept of super-teams and demented that fact. “I don’t believe I’ve played for a super team,” LeBron said. “I don’t believe in that. I don’t believe we’re a super team here. So, no, I don’t really — you guys want one more question before I leave and not see you guys for a long time?” James ended. While his running mate in Kyrie Irving played out of his mind in game 4 to keep the season alive. He wasn’t as great in this game do to a couple of nagging injuries with what looked like was his back and thigh. Irving posted 26 and six assist. Even with the lost Irving is undoubtedly a cold blooded killer. JR Smith broke out for 25 and seemed to be the only offense the Cavs had at times as Coach Lue said his three threes at the end of the half gave a different feel of hope in the Cavs locker room. But it wasn’t enough to outlast these Warriors. Draymond Green kept his cool, ZaZa Pachulia kept possessions alive, Pat McCaw kept the line alive as the only Warrior bench player (other than Iguodola) to see over 10 minutes. If this is how the Warriors will get through ever season with 67-15 and 16-1 in the playoffs how will teams fair against this juggernaut. Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, your 2017 NBA Champions.
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