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The 5 Most Desirable Signed Football Jerseys From Current NFL Quarterbacks.

The 5 Most Desirable Signed Football Jerseys From Current NFL Quarterbacks.

There's so many good quarterbacks out there and many of their autographed jerseys are highly sought after. However, we had to come up with what we believed were the true top 5 jersey candidates.
  1. Tom Brady

Tom is the G.O.A.T. People will still dispute it, but with 7 Super Bowl victories, it’s pretty safe to say he has earned that title. However, because of his career success, this isn’t an autographed jersey that you will easily find in a random NFL jersey mystery box. These cost a pretty penny and the ones with him on the Bucs are even rarer. HOWEVER, you can usually find TB12 in the UA Live Break Room once per month! 

  1. Patrick Mahomes

When looking for an autographed football jersey, this isn’t an easy one to find. Mahomes is not only a young star in the league, but he has already won an MVP award, as well as a Super Bowl. With the way the team is currently structured, it’s hard to imagine that this kid’s signed jersey will be any less sought after in the coming years. 

  1. Justin Herbert

Make way for the Rookie of the Year! This kid went from being the afterthought of the Big 3 in this rookie class to being far and away the most desired right now. Although, let’s pray that hair grows back. The buzz cut wasn’t a good look. He should cover it up more often with a helmet, perhaps a signed football helmet?

  1. Russell Wilson

There’s more mystery around this player right now than the best NFL mystery box. There are all kinds of rumors that he could be headed to different teams in 2021 but that doesn’t make his autographed jersey any less desirable. Collectors still want to get as much signed memorabilia from “Mr. Unlimited” as they can. 

  1. Josh Allen

We actually just had a signed football jersey from this guy in a recent NFL autograph mystery box at Ultimate Autographs. After becoming the savior of the Buffalo Bills in 2020, his signed football gear became quite the hot commodity. I expect that his meteoric rise is not a fluke, but rather a sign of things to come.

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