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I want to start out this post by commending Ultimate Autographs for the quality and attention to detail that they put into the multiple Series One Hockey Mystery Boxes I received from them last month. At first, I was a little skeptical about what I was going to get considering I had not heard of Ultimate Autographs before and also because I have been burned in the past with boxes like this where I spent a significant amount of money and received a player I barely recognized. I thought the price point of $139.99 was a more than fair number considering the quality of names they had listed in the product description. I also figured that at this price, I could really be walking away with a steal, while at the same time not taking a huge financial hit if I got a particular player I wasn’t too thrilled about. After all, they claim that every jersey that they put in the box is worth at least $140 at full-retail price, so I figured it was well worth the risk.

I opened the US Postal box that the mystery box shipped in and instantly I was very impressed. The mystery box itself is a high quality, all black box that contains the company’s logo on the top of the box, their website on the sides, and what series of mystery box is on the front of it. There were also two tamper proof stickers helping hold the box closed as well. It was comforting to know that once this box was closed with those stickers, nobody could go in and switch out jersey inside the box.

As I opened the box, I immediately noticed that the jersey inside was wrapped in a layer of sleek silver tissue paper, which hid the jersey and really added to the overall excitement and anticipation of opening this box. After I pulled the tissue paper off the item, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the jersey inside was a Montreal Canadiens “10 Cups” jersey that was signed by Jean Beliveau, Yvan Cournoyer and Henri Richard. I thought this jersey was extremely unique piece and I wasn’t aware of anything like it until I bought this box.

Additionally, the jersey’s COA, in this case it was a JSA card, was located in a protective plastic sleeve that was attached to the top lid of the box, which also came along with a 15% off promo code for Ultimate Autographs’ website. I thought this was a nice touch. In the past, I have received items whose COAs are a crumpled mess because they are thrown in the same bag the autographed item ships in. Doing a final once over of the box, I noticed that my box was labeled as box “26 of 50”. I also thought this was a cool touch as it made the box feel like a collector’s item and I felt like it gave me reason to hold onto this box.

Being that I was very happy with the item I received, as well as finding the box to be a very fun and thrilling to open, I rushed to order a second box. I was pleased to see that the second box I received looked practically identical to the first one. The true consistency of these boxes really helped answer all of my remaining questions I still had about Ultimate Autographs and it helped prove the overall legitimacy of this retailer. My second box was labeled as box, “43 of 50” and I was once again extremely pleased to see a Patrick Marleau San Jose Sharks jersey sitting behind that tissue paper. Between both of my purchases, I thought my investment of $139.99 a box was extremely worth it as these are two jerseys I plan to frame and hold onto forever. With the quality list of player jerseys, they include, as well as the very professional and high-end boxes the jerseys come in, I am counting down the days until they launch Series Two!


A Lifetime Customer
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