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NFL Top 100: 11-20

NFL Top 100: 11-20

Everyone loves a good list. Normally we spend our time discussing NFL mystery boxes, autographed mini helmets, signed memorabilia and all kinds of sports collectibles. However, today we ignore signed jerseys and focus on just ranking the best players in the NFL. Let’s look at players 11-20!

  1. Nick Bosa, Defensive End - San Francisco 49ers

With the aforementioned Older brother Joey Bosa out of the way, the younger Nick Bosa is actually higher on our list despite playing only slightly more than one full season. His speed and strength is absolutely special and he makes big time plays with the best of the best. 


  1. Zach Martin, Guard - Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys guard is fairly well known for an offensive lineman, and for good reason too. Martin came in as a starter from day 1 and has dominated up front every down since. 


  1. DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver - Arizona Cardinals

A year removed from the DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson deal, it honestly make even less sense. Hopkins has been one of the most imposing receivers in the league for a while now and he picked up right where he left off in 2020. He will continue to be a threat for 1300 + yards, year in and year out.


  1. Fred Warner, Linebacker - San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco seems to have a knack for finding and developing dominant linebackers and Fred Warner is the next in line. In his age 24 season, he was selected to both the Pro Bowl and was a first team All-Pro. 


  1. Christian McCaffrey, Running Back - Carolina Panthers

If you think of running backs as weapons, McCaffery is the ultimate weapon. For as great as he is in the running game, he is just as good, if not better in the receiving game. 2020 was an injury shortened season, but in 2019 CMC put up 1,387 yards on the ground and an astounding 1,005 yards in the air.


  1. Josh Allen, Quarterback - Buffalo Bills

There were some concerns with Josh Allen as a franchise quarterback, and a lot of those concerns centered around his lack of accuracy. Allen had never even gotten close to hitting 60% completion percentage before 2020, when he hit a 69.2 mark. This kid has all the tools to be great and we will likely be speaking his name with some of the best in the league for a while.


  1. Jarie Alexander, Cornerback - Green Bay Packers

In 2020, Alexander put the clamps on many of the top receivers in the league including holding Calvin Ridley without a single reception. He is the second highest rated corner on this list and it honestly feels too low. 


  1. TJ Watt, Edge - Pittsburgh Steelers

Watt has averaged over 14 sacks per season over the past 3 years and he led the NFL in tackles for loss last season with 23. Many feel like the NFL got it wrong when Watt didn't win NFL DPOY in 2020. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get the award this season.


  1. Tyreek Hill, Wide Receiver - Kansas City Chiefs

If you look up speed in the dictionary, I have no idea what will come up first. However, it should probably just be a picture of Tyreek Hill sprinting down the sideline past defenders. If his ungodly speed wasn’t enough, he is slowly developing as a route runner too. He is the type of player that keeps defensive coordinators up at night. 


  1. George Kittle, Tight End - San Francisco 49ers

Kittle is without a doubt the best overall tight end in the game. He is a monster in the run blocking game and makes big plays in the receiving game. His kryptonite though has been his injuries. If he can stay on the field, he will be a huge weapon in this San Francisco offense.

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