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NFL Top 100: 1-10

NFL Top 100: 1-10

Everyone loves a good list. Normally we spend our time discussing NFL mystery boxes, autographed mini helmets, signed memorabilia and all kinds of sports collectibles. However, today we ignore signed jerseys and focus on just ranking the best players in the NFL. Let’s look at players 1-10!

  1. David Bakhtiari, Left Tackle - Green Bay Packers

Left tackle David Bakhtiari is another player that is probably the best to do it in the league at his position. He did struggle with injuries last year so him coming back 100 percent is very important to the success of the Green Bay Packers. 

  1. Jalen Ramsey, Cornerback - Los Angeles Rams

While in Jacksonville, there was little doubt that Ramsey was the top corner in the league. Now in LA, he has erased all doubt. He will lock up any team’s best receiver and has no problem getting physical in the running game.

  1. Russell Wilson, Quarterback - Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson has had an unreal level of consistent play over the course of his career and despite all of the rumors about him wanting out of Seattle, Wilson will win wherever he goes. He almost single handedly helped changed the stigma around “short quarterbacks” and now we have several guys that are flourishing in the league thanks to him. 


  1. Davante Adams, Wide Receiver - Green Bay Packers 

Let’s forget about his future and where he will be playing for a second. Davante Adams had an unreal 2020 season and despite missing 2 games, he posted 18 touchdowns and nearly 1,400 yards. He is an almost unstoppable force at this point in his career. 


  1. Myles Garrett, Defensive End - Cleveland Browns

If you look at Myles Garrett, you could easily confuse him for a real life superhero. The speed, strength and veracity that he plays the position with is other worldly and he is just getting started. 


  1. Queton Nelson, Guard - Indianapolis Colts

It seems crazy to have a guard this highly rated, but Nelson is more than worth it. Nelson was once again the top rated player at his position per PFF and Nelson is in for a massive payday in free agency this offseason. 


  1. Tom Brady, Quarterback - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

How?! How in the world can a soon to be 44 year old be on this list at all let alone top 5? After switching from New England over to Tampa Bay, Brady won his 7th Super Bowl ring. Which is more than any NFL TEAM has ever won…


  1. Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback - Green Bay Packers

Rodgers isn't quite defying age at a Tom Brady level, but statistically Rodgers seems to literally be getting better with age. At the age of 37, Rodgers won his 2nd MVP award. Now we play the waiting game to see where he plays football next season… if he plays at all. 


  1. Aaron Donald, Defensive Tackle/Defensive End - Los Angeles Rams

Donald won his 3rd defensive player of the year award this past season, which now moves him from being one of the greats in this generation, to the all time greats discussion. 


  1. Patrick Mahomes, Quarterback - Kansas City Chiefs

There may not be a quarterback that has been given more physical gifts and abilities than Mahomes. Before turning 26, Mahomes has won and MVP, played in 2 Super Bowls, won a Super Bowl and became the Highest paid player in NFL History. Let the G.O.A.T conversations begin.

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