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NASA Engineers Mimic NFL Celebration After InSight Lands on Mars

NASA Engineers Mimic NFL Celebration After InSight Lands on Mars

Following the landing of InSight on Mars, two NASA engineers celebrated in style with an elaborate handshake that football fans might've recognized.

After the successful landing, team members at NASA mission control in Pasdena, CA erupted in cheers and celebrations. Two engineers, identified as Brooke and Gene decided to celebrate with an elaborate handshake that according to CNN, was based upon a celebration dance the two saw in the NFL earlier this season.

(handshake is at 1:18 of Tweet below)


Brooke is a Kansas City Chiefs fan while Gene is a New England Patriots fan. Gene told the two are always joking with one another about football games. The two started planning the celebratory handshake six weeks ago after seeing San Francisco 49ers players Marquise Goodwin & Kendrick Bourne celebrate a touchdown earlier this season.

"We knew we were sitting together in the control room, and we thought it would be kind of fun just for the two of us," said Brooke. "We saw something that we liked from a previous game, and we kind of mimicked it." (via


The two NASA engineers did so well with their recreation that even Goodwin had to pay his respects.



It's a good thing the NFL loosened up on the touchdown celebrations this season or we might've been denied this amazing moment in human history.
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