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Meet The Team: Donnie Rollins

Meet The Team: Donnie Rollins

Donnie “The Donfather” Rollins is the frontman in our UA Live Break Room. You can tell how many people are present and the quality of the hits every time Donnie is on the mic because he is always getting hyped for people when they get an amazing item from our mystery boxes.

After originally being turned down for a job in 2018 at Ultimate Autographs, Donnie received a call for a different position after the fact. We’re sure glad we brought him in too! Who else could we get to yell “Let’s Go” 10 times a broadcast? (Jk Donnie)

Donnie’s favorite athletes are Mike Trout, Tiger Woods and Alvin Kamara. Although he hasn’t gotten a piece of signed memorabilia from Woods or Trout, he does have a signed helmet from Alvin Kamara with the full autograph. Despite rooting for all the Chicago teams (as well as the Colts and his fantasy teams) apparently, no Chicago athletes made his favorite athlete list. However, I’m sure he still roots to grab a Chicago Bears player in any of our football mystery boxes. 

Despite being the most jovial person on the UA staff, Donnie still hasn’t hit on his ultimate dream signed memorabilia that would get his excitement level to 100… A Walter Peyton framed jersey. I’m sure he will keep his eye on some of those jersey mystery boxes entering the break room in the coming weeks. 

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