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Unless you’re living under a rock … you’re well aware that four time all-star, Kyrie Irving has expressed his feelings on leaving Cleveland. The 2016 NBA Champion has spent all 6 of his NBA seasons in a Cavs uniform, but now wants to be the number one option for a franchise after living in his teammate, LeBron James’ shadow for half of his career. But with the possibility of no Kyrie Irving this season, as well as no LeBron James next season, how will their departures effect the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ organization? Before the greatest draft pick in franchise history (possibly in league history) back in 2003, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ franchise seemed doomed for eternity. Since their first official NBA season in 1970-71, the Cavs had only made it out of the first round of the playoffs 3 times. LeBron James became the King of Ohio after bringing them to their first NBA Finals back in 2007, as well as bringing the franchise their only championship in 2016. In that span during LeBron’s greatness, the Cavs’ 2011 No. 1 overall draft pick, Kyrie Irving emerged into a star and became their clutch offensive star behind 2016 NBA Finals MVP LeBron James. Unfortunately for Cleveland fans, there’s always an inevitable ending to a star’s tenure. Whether it be retirement, free agency or demanding a trade, you don’t get to keep your superstars forever. But, I’m sure they’ve learned that from a past experience in 2010. If Cleveland isn’t able to make amends with Irving this year, this could be the Cavs’ last year seeing King James in a Cleveland jersey as well. There aren’t too many players Cleveland can trade for that would be almost as valuable as Kyrie Irving; and depending on the trade, it might only put them in a harder state for the future. Landing a guy like Carmelo Anthony or LaMarcus Aldridge, as the Knicks & Spurs are some of Irving’s preferred destinations, would only make things harder for Cleveland in the future. It could still help this LeBron James led team get back to the Finals once more, but the biggest question would remain … “are they talented enough to beat Golden State in a 7 game series?” With that being said, losing in anything less than 7 games, you can bet your top dollar that James would decide to leave the Cavaliers yet again in 2018 to attempt to win his fourth ring. Putting the Cavs in a terrible position with no exciting young talent on the roster.Their best bet is to go young with this trade and do what they can to reacquire Andrew Wiggins or a package with some of the Heat’s top young talent. A trade with those pieces would cause 2015 NBA Finals LeBron to make another appearance in the playoffs next season for Cleveland to even have a chance in the Finals, better yet to guarantee a win in the Eastern Conference Finals. It would only solidify a move for LeBron next season if the Cavs end up looking into the future & not the present, still having a top 2 player of all-time on their roster. It would be the wisest decision for new GM, Koby Altman to get some young guys & move on from the LeBron James era so James can spend his last years where he has a chance to compete against the defending champions. Getting someone young in return for Irving will get them 3 steps ahead & on track to not be the same team they were before drafting LeBron in 2003 & before getting him back in 2014. The Cavaliers will be in a peculiar state for awhile until they figure out their plan for the 2017-18 season; but with the chance of LeBron James & Kyrie Irving leaving before the start of the 2018 season, fortunately they at least brought a championship to the Land in 2016, so we won’t have to see another classless Cleveland move by burning jerseys once again.
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