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So I was reading an article about deja vu when I got an alert saying “Curry 3 sales don’t hit the market” and it dawned on me. That this is more deja vu. This is the 2nd shoe Curry has had fail in sales dating back to November where the Curry3 lost $600 million dollars. Also the 2nd time I don’t know how to defend him. He is the 2xMVP, 1xChamp, 1xScoring Champ, led his team to a 73-9 record, 2 straight finals appearance, had 402 threes last season and only 2nd to himself this regular season with 324. But he can’t sell a shoe. I personally am not a fan of some of his shoes. I have a deep rooted love for Stephen Curry setting back to when he was at Davidson. I always wanted Curry to have a shoe. Nike recently lost Curry to Under Armour, where back in 2015 Curry extended his contract all the way until 2024. Curry’s shoe isn’t like a Jordan or Nike shoe (specifically Kobe, LeBron, and Kevin Durant shoes), it is designed to defend his ankles from further injuries; reasons he left Nike. Injured 6 times in a span of 4 seasons. Also reasons why he was signed to such a low deal for the Golden State Warriors.
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