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Michael Jordan is still by far the most popular name in the game basketball today. On their website, the NBA has even gone as far as to state, “By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time”. This living legend started his NBA career in 1984 when the Chicago Bulls picked him as the third overall draft pick in the first round of that year’s draft. He quickly emerged as a star player and a great crowd entertainer thanks to his prolific performance on the basketball court. His famous slam dunks from the free throw line in slam dunk contests, amassed him the popular nickname “Air Jordan”. Sports apparel giant, Nike, recognized his superb performance and made him a brand ambassador for their new Air Jordan sneakers in 1985, which are still extremely popular today.

A two-time Olympic gold medalist, Michael Jordan stunned the world when he announced his retirement from the game in 1993 following his father’s assassination. However, he rejoined Chicago Bulls in 1995 and he did not miss a beat. This basketball lover eventually retired from the NBA as a player, but remained in the league after acquiring Charlotte Bobcats in 2010. His fans don’t miss a single chance to collect his memorabilia to help recall some of his most profound victories. If you are among of those fans looking for Michael Jordan sports memorabilia, then count on Ultimate Autographs to get the most authentic NBA memorabilia autographed by him.

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