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AFC Record Predictions

AFC Record Predictions

As the picture starts to clear-up post NFL draft, we are getting a much better look at how these teams will be constructed and what players will be contributing for which squads. Even though this exercise is mostly futile, hopefully it gives you a better idea of the divisional layouts and provides a little entertainment, as well. And for extra daily entertainment head over to The UA Live Break Room for our live break shows.

AFC North

Cleveland Browns 12 - 5

Baltimore Ravens 11- 6

Pittsburgh Steelers 10 - 7

Cincinnati Bengals 6 - 11

The AFC North is one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL. It’s also been providing some of the best autographed memorabilia in our football Mystery Boxes. The Browns and Ravens are both young ascending teams and they both had very solid drafts. The Browns went really heavy on the defensive side of the football, which was a bit of a liability last season. The Ravens added some receiving weapons while bolstering their defense, as well. The Steelers made the playoffs last season and assuming Big Ben doesn’t hit an age cliff, they should be very relevant in this division. The Bengals are super young but their offense will be so much fun to watch. I’m not convinced that they will stop anyone on defense but they will definitely score points. 

AFC East

Buffalo Bills 13 - 4

Miami Dolphins 12 - 5

New England Patriots 8 - 9

New York Jets 4 -13

After such a long reign of terror in the AFC East, the Patriots finally came back down to earth with Brady’s departure. The timing of that couldn’t have been better for Buffalo as they saw Josh Allen take that next step this season with the addition of Stefon Diggs. Miami should be a playoff team this year with the addition of weapons like Jaylen Waddle and Will Fuller. The Aforementioned Patriots added Mac Jones in the first round of the draft but it seems very unlikely that he will be able to turn around that offense very quickly. I love what the Jets did in the draft but they are still a year or 2 away from competing in this division. 

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 11 - 6

Tennessee Titans 10 - 7

Jacksonville Jaguars 5 - 12

Houston Texans 1 - 16

Carson Wentz holds the keys to the division. The defense is solid and their sophomore running back, Jonathan Taylor is running great behind that great offensive line. The Titans are also in the mix because of their dominant running game and opportunistic passing attack. However, their defense really let them down last season. I expect that Mike Vrabel will have that fixed in 2021. Jacksonville is going to be breaking in the face of their franchise so while the future looks bright, I am not sure that 2021 will be very pretty.  And then there is Houston… yeah, it will be rough for Houston.

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs 13 - 4

Denver Broncos 8 - 9

Los Angeles Chargers 8 - 9

Las Vegas Raiders 6 - 11

Until further notice, the AFC runs through Kansas City. They have their franchise QB and rebuilt their entire offensive line with talented players in just one season. The will be perennial Super Bowl favorites coming out of the AFC. The rest of the division is really in flux. However, if either the Broncos or Raiders are able to land Aaron Rodgers, that will change everything. He can take either of those teams to a division title and maybe more. However, if Rodgers doesn't head to the West, both of these teams are really stuck in mediocrity. The Chargers are definitely heading in the right direction with Justin Herbert (who is a huge hit in our NFL Live Breaks) at the helm, but i'm not sure if they are quite a playoff team just yet.

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