Raise Money Virtually in a Very Unique Way!


Ultimate Autographs, the internet’s leading sports memorabilia distributor, is offering nonprofit organizations a unique and affordable way to raise money during these strange times! Your organization can partner with Ultimate Autographs for a special, charitable broadcast of "UA Live Breaks", an online sports memorabilia broadcast, which streams to thousands of sports memorabilia collectors monthly.

Through the broadcast, we will open "Mystery Boxes" containing authentic sports memorabilia that your donors may win through their support of your mission! Your donors will be asked to tune in to the broadcast via Facebook or YouTube to watch as our team (and a member of your organization) randomizes a list of your supporters and opens surprise Mystery Boxes containing signed memorabilia that your organization hand-selects in advance!


1. Contact Ultimate Autographs to Express Your Interest:Our team will work with you to select a preferred date. (Charity broadcasts must occur only on weekend dates).

2. Select Your Items: Your organization will be required to commit to purchasing a minimum of 10 pieces of sports memorabilia at a discounted price. These items will be packaged in the Mystery Boxes that will be opened during the broadcast. These are the items you will promote to your supporters.

3. We Will Provide Everything You Need to Promote Your Event:Our team will not only provide you with professional photos of your selected items, but we will provide your organization with a customized 30-second explainer video, website banner graphics, and a photo for social media promotion! You only need to focus on sending emails and posting about the event on your social media pages and website!


Free Break Room Promotion for 2 Weeks:We will air a video about your fundraiser on every broadcast of UA Live Breaks so that your event is promoted to thousands of interested and philanthropic collectors!

Keep the Party Going:On the Broadcast, we will list additional Mystery Box items that viewers may buy into. Your organization will receive a portion of the proceeds from these boxes being sold during your broadcast!

Make Your Jersey Prizes Pop: We offer charities significant discounts on jersey framing services before and after the item is won!

We Handle the Shipping: For a flat fee, we will ship all items to the winners in 48 hours or less!

Ultimate Autographs, the internet’s leading sports memorabilia distributor, is offering bulk (wholesale) pricing for resellers, professional breakers, corporations or any individuals with a need to purchase multiple pieces of memorabilia.


One-On-One Wholesale Concierge: You will be paired with an Ultimate Autographs team member who will work to understand your needs, preferences, and identify the perfect custom series (or items) that match your goals.

Competitive Pricing and Huge Inventory: We pride ourselves in offering our customers a diverse selection of teams and athletes at fair and competitive prices.

All Items Sealed Upon Delivery: Don’t worry about finding the perfect box to conceal your bulk purchase. Every helmet, jersey, or ball comes individually boxed in a sleek, white Ultimate Autographs box that is ready for breaking the moment it arrives at your doorstep!



Want to expand your break room’s offering to framed jerseys? Ultimate Autographs now offers wholesale framing opportunities for all of our wholesale partners. 

Through this service, you will never need store the large, framed items in-house.

Instead, Ultimate Autographs will hold on to each framed jersey or photo. Once you sell the frame, simply tell us where to ship it! Your customer will receive their framed jersey in less than a week!

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